Roland Belmond

My Favorite Artists

I really love nearly all forms of art. While it’s hard for me to choose just a few artists, there are some people who stand out to me as being particular representative of the kid of art that I like to see. Such artists really bring out something that wasn’t there before. With their help, it easy to see the world in a different way. That’s really the point of art in my opinion: to bring new viewpoints to the world and help us all learn to see it better. What could be better than visiting with them?

Classical Artists

Some of my favorite artists are classical artists who were part of the Renaissance. I love this particular period of art. Nothing is better on the eye than a thrilling Michaelangelo painting. Other artists that come to mind when I think of paintings I love include the realism of Caravaggio as well as the understated yet marvelous tones of Raphael. One thinks of all the greatness that comes from a mind like Titian, Durer or Tintoretto. Each brought out something amazing to the canvas. Each one still speaks to us today with their paintings and other kinds of art work.

Modern Paintings

While I always turn to the classics, we can also find much to delight in when looking at more modern paintings. Works by Turner, Rembrandt and Vermeer are delightful. One of my favorite of all art movements is that of the Impressionists. They created colors in new ways. I look to artists such as Monet, Cezanne, Renoir all burst with color and life even so many years later. I have been lucky to see many such works today in Paris. Going to view yet another classic painting fills me with awe at the potential of the human spirit.

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