Roland Belmond

My Art Education

My own art education began at a very young age. My late mom painted in her spare time. I remember her standing vividly in a pool of intense colors, each brighter than the next. She loved art and helped all of us who love follow along with her as she created a word of her own for us. When I got older, she began to teach me how to use paints. I quickly fell in love with painting. Watching her work was enchanting. My sister and were also encouraged to find canvases of our own to use and make our own paintings.

Taking Classes

While my life later me into other areas, I never forgot my early time with my mom. I choose to major in an unrelated field in college and graduate school but I would periodically take art classes as well. Each time I stepped back into a studio, I began to recall my mom’s work and how special it was. I learned some basic techniques of my own. I would stand in front of a blank canvas and realize that I had talent but not genius.

Learning By Watching

When not taking classes in making art, I took classes in learning how to see it. This is not as simple as it sounds. Seeing means seeing how the piece was created. It means learning to see the work with brush strokes that went into the piece as well as the overall effect. I also took classes in the history of art, allowing me to understand how art has changed over the years and why. I can now say confidently that I know enough about the creation and history of art to form my own personal opinions of each piece and to buy great art.

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