Hello and welcome to Rolands Art. This website is meant to support the art gallery in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands. This city is also known as the Basel of the Netherlands, which makes it a great place to have an art gallery. Actually, Mark’s passion for art started exactly there, in Basel when he was 12 years old and living in Schoonhoven. By opening Rolands Art it seems like the circle is finally round. Like Mark can finally put all his knowledge on the topic to good use. If you are an art enthusiast as well, you will like it here, as Mark comes by often to have a chat with likeminded visitors.

Platform to show work

First and foremost, Rolands Art is a platform for young and talented artists to show their work. After all, that’s what galleries are for. The socializing comes in second, even though art lovers like to chat with people who they can learn from and discuss their favorite topics with. That’s why Mark has created a little lounge area in the gallery. To keep informal with a place for informal mingling. He finds this particularly important since the Netherlands doesn’t have that big of an art scene yet and he feels like there is potential for growth.

All about the art

However social Mark can get from time to time, he does it all for the love of art. That’s his first priority with the gallery and this website. To grow the art sector in the Netherlands. Often when Mark enters someone’s house, he’ll notice how little people seem to care about having something nice on the walls. Even though this can be considered the finishing touch of any interior. Not just for a home, but also for an office or practice. Mark hopes to be able to make a change and teach people about the importance of art.

A long time ago

And art has always been very important to humankind. It’s seen now as a hobby or a passion, but before we could write, all we could do was make drawings to remember things and situations or to let someone else know how we felt. Or to leave a legacy. This all shows how important art has been to us. It is also the ancestor of all other art forms we know today, like music, poetry and everything else related to it. After all, in the beginning, letters were just drawings. And, if you think about it earth without art would just be eh.

Join us

So we invite each and everyone who is Dutch, lives in the Netherlands, is there on a trip or a holiday or is just passing by to join us in celebrating art and recognizing what is has done for us as people. You can do this by simply coming by, by buying one of our pieces or attending one of our exhibitions. Whatever appeals to you most. You are also welcome to contact us with any suggestions of improvement or any comments. We do ask that you keep it polite though.

Not just paintings

Art to us doesn’t just consist of paintings. It also consists of any other item that you can paint, like plates and cups but also clothing and anything else. As long as it’s legal, we are interested in it. If you take a look through the website, you’ll get to see a bit of what we have exhibited so far. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures of everything we have shown due to copyrights and artists wishes, but we have tried our best.