As we have mentioned a few times before, we as a gallery are big fans of Art Basel. And we would like to take this concept to the Netherlands, just like Miami has brought it to the U.S. We honestly cannot think of a better place than Art Basel Schoonhoven. Not only would this event put Schoonhoven on the map, it will also bring a lot of credibility to the Netherlands in the exclusive art circles. So we see it as a win-win situation for everyone involved. That’s why we are in talks with the organization of Art Basel to see if we can make it happen. However, this would be a long term plan that won’t happen within the next couple of years.

Open mic

An event that we organize every month is called Rolands Art Open Mic. Despite of what the name suggests, this has nothing to do with microphones whatsoever. It’s just a night during which we invite art scouts and young, driven artists to get to know each other. We do have a stage for the daredevils. Every hour a different artist takes place on the stage to put his or her feelings about the evening into art while everyone else is watching. That is called painting under pressure and this has led to some masterpieces. Most of these paintings get sold the same evening and some have even led to an artist’s career being launched.

Talent show

We just give these exhibitions flashy names to attract a bigger audience, nothing else. This one has nothing to do with music either. Except for the fact that we hire DJ’s for every event and occasionally hire a band to do a live show. The events are still not about the music though. Our talent shows are evenings during which we present our newest additions to the Rolands Art gallery. We introduce our latest discovered talents and show their portfolio to our biggest customers and most important relations. These talent shows are often quite successful and lead to a lot of sales.

Elderly hour

Instead of having a happy hour, we have a weekly elderly hour on Mondays at noon. What happens here is that elderly people who happen to have piece of art somewhere in an attic or basement can ask professionals whether or not these pieces are worth something. This is not all about the money though. The people who attend this event usually come in groups and have great fun with each other. They make it a day and sometimes they even go home much richer than they have left it. This is our way of giving something back to the elderly. Just to have a moment of joy and forget about their age for a while.

Weekly exhibitions

Every Friday at 19h, after the week, is over and the weekend hasn’t started yet, we organize our weekly exhibition. We do this to present the latest work of the talents that we represent. This is a great marketing tool for us, because many of our clients want to go out for drinks on Friday anyway. They might as well do that with us. This way we keep our relationships alive and might tempt them to buy something. It’s also a great way to keep our artists in the public eye. That’s something that’s not always easy in this digital era. Of course, we also announce and advertise these weekly exhibitions on our social channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. On our YouTube channel we even broadcast shows with a short resume of the weekly exhibitions.