Roland Belmond

Beginning a Collection

One of the most wonderful things about art is that anyone can collect it. Art collecting has been and remains a pastime that many people enjoy even today. As an art collector, I can certainly say that collecting art has brought enormous joy into my own life. I did not start out with a huge collection of art. Instead, I gradually realized just how much fun I could have collecting pieces. One of the things I’ve learned as part of my collecting has been this: anyone can collect art. Even if you have done so before or don’t have a large budget.

Figure Out Your Taste

The first step to building a collection is thinking about specific tastes. Some people love modern pieces that are all about movement and light. Others may prefer to stick with older pieces from established artists. Still others may like to have art from a specific period such as art deco or Greek and Roman art. In any case, a collection should think about what they personally like. One of the great joys of having a collection is having art on hand that inspires and makes people feel good looking at it. A careful consideration of their own perspective can help mold a collection properly.

Start Small

A collection does not have to be big to be a collection. Most people start with a few pieces. Consider buying smaller art objects such as miniature paintings or smaller works of sculpture. Not only are such works often just as beautiful as larger pieces, they are also often far less expensive. A few small pieces can form the basis of a collection and help keep the collector focused. One the base of the collection is formed, it is easy to add to it by buying more pieces

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