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All About Sculpture

Sculpture is one of the oldest of all art forms. Artists have been using rock to carve pieces for many centuries. Today, this ancient art is still quite popular. Many sculptures today still work to help us all explore space and understand how metal and other materials can be full of life and movement even when still. An understanding of this kind of art is vital in order to fully understand the world of art. Those who study sculpture up close are often amazed at just how ordinary objects can be made new and turned into art with a few simple steps.

Classic Sculpture

Classic sculpture usually refers to sculpture that aims at representation in the artist’s chosen medium. For example, the classical artist will look at a marble block and then seek to create a bust or other life-like image in the marble. The aim with such sculpture is to capture in marble or other work the realities of the world in front of us. A classical sculpture may create an image of a young man. They may also choose to show two lovers intertwined in an embrace right in the marble. The artist aims for realism and movement.

Modern Sculpture

While classic sculpture tends to be focused on creating objects and people from the medium, modern art is often more concerned with evoking a feeling. Modern sculpture often centers around a concept such as love or harmony that the artist wants to bring out. Many kinds of modern pieces, such as the mobile, are also about movement and a sense of interaction. Viewers are often asked to be part of the action by siting on the piece or touching it directly. The aim to create a collective experience between the artist, the medium and the person viewing it.

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