Mark Rolands, the founder and owner of Rolands Art is an art lover pur sang. He found his way to art on the tender age of 12 when his father brought him along on a business trip to Art Basel. He couldn’t believe his eyes and knew that this was the world he wanted to work in when he was all grown up. However, things went a little differently and now he runs the art gallery as a side business next to Gratis Gokkasten Limited, a gaming company.

Free fruit machines

Fruit machines, as you may know, are a type of online slots. Actually you can also find these in land-based casinos, but Mark is only active online. Despite of what you may think, fruit machines are still in very high demand, especially in the Netherlands. These machines work a bit differently than regular online slots. They don’t have fancy graphics, million euro jackpots, or other special features like scatter symbols and elaborated bonus rounds. Most of the time these fruit machines don’t even have 5 but only 3 rolls. These often don’t have 3 but only 1 row. Despite of their simplicity compared to newer games, they are just as popular. And that is why Gratis Gokkasten Limited is catering to this exact market.

Gratis Gokkasten Limited, free slot machines

You might have already understood it from context, but if not gratis gokkasten means free fruit machines. And the company name doesn’t lie as this is exactly what it offers. It does this through a number of websites that are owned by the company. The most important ones are, and As you can guess by the names, these all revolve around fruit machines. But Gratis Gokkasten Limited doesn’t only offer these special type of slot machines to try for free, it also offers information about reliable casinos and the latest industry news. Which is great if you are thinking about joining a casino.

After trying casino games for free

Most people get excited about playing a fruit machine, or online slots, for real money after they have tried the games in demo mode for a while. When that happens, Gratis Gokkasten Limited is there to help you make the right decision. And this is important since the casino you end up choosing will handle monetary transactions for you. You need to be careful to only entrust your money to a trustworthy partner and Gratis Gokkasten Limited knows all about this. That’s why it can offer you the best independent advice. An extra bonus that you get with the advice is that this company has negotiated the best casino bonuses for the visitors of its websites. So it is very likely that you can start your casino adventure with a no deposit bonus.

No deposit casino bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that you receive after signing up at a casino. You don’t even have to make a deposit or leave any payment details for it. You simply get a bonus that usually consists of about €10 or 10 free spins. Normally, the free spins are limited to a certain game, while you can use the bonus money freely on any game you want. This is a perfect way to test the casino of your choice risk-free. After all, you are playing for real money and have the chance to win real money, without having to pay a dime for it. And if you don’t like the casino, you can always return to Gratis Gokkasten Limited and enjoy the next no deposit bonus on offer.