Wunderino Freispiele Expert

I have just returned from a very exciting visit to Paris. When you are generally interested in art, history, culture or anything that touches one of those subjects, I can only highly recommend to go and visit Paris. I don’t think that there is another city anywhere in the world that can offer you so many exciting museums, sculptures or other historic places like Paris. I frequently visit the city because there is usually always an exhibition or a new piece of artwork on display at one of those world-famous museums, so I know my way around the city pretty well by now. This time I wasn’t traveling to Paris all by myself, my good old friend James Quing came along. We both share the same passion for history and art so we were both very excited about what Paris had prepared for us. On the flight James told me about his business and that he recently introduced the Wunderino freispiele into his portal. Not that I would know a lot about online gambling but James quickly brought me up to speed since we did not have anything else to do but waiting until we reach Charles de Gaulle airport.

Here we were, Paris and as our cab brought us to our hotel, I realized that I became a Wunderino freispiele expert without even knowing it, well thanks for that James. The first stop we made right after freshening up was the Louvre museum, of course, the Louvre. I could give James a private tour since I know most of the displayed paintings and sculptures by heart. The highlight of our trip to the Louvre was the Mona Lisa because James never saw this majestic painting in person before. After our visit to the most famous museum on earth, we went back to the hotel and over the next few days, we started exploring all of the beauty Paris has to offer its visitors. We were also very lucky with the weather; it did not even rain one day. I guess one must have the same kind of luck when playing the Wunderino freispiele?

Our curiosity brought us all over the city including further out to the business district of La Defense. What would two art lovers do in the business district you might be asking yourself now, well there was art to be seen. There was a special exhibition outside in the parks and even on some of the buildings. They also have a special orchestra now for the water fountains, quite spectacular I might add.

Other places of Paris I had to show James was the peninsula where Notre Dame is located. The ancient prison that serves as a police station now and the Latin quarter. We also saw the famous landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Hausmann designed buildings and the military museum where Napoleon is buried. What blew James’ mind, probably in the same way as the Wunderino freispiele do, was the Statue of Liberty. The one in Paris is an exact copy of the big one that you can see in New York City, and it represents an ongoing deep connection between France and the USA.

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