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The Best Art Museums

One of the best places in the world to see art is at art museums. Most major cities and even many small towns have at least one art museum. Seeing art up close is a great way to enjoy it. While pictures are helpful, they do not tell the whole story. The best way to see the whole story is to get in front of painting or a piece of sculpture. Doing so directly allows the viewer to see the art in various conditions. Many people like to visit a piece early in the morning to see it then and then visit it later as the light fades.

Art Museums in Europe

Europe is a fabulous place to go to see art. I really like the Uffizi in Florence, Italy for Old Masters. Another art museum in Europe that is a must-see is the Prado in Madrid. Many times I’ve also wandered the streets of Paris, a city devoted to art. I like to see the Picasso Museum again and again or wall through the halls of the Centre Pompidou for all kinds of modern art pieces. The Musee d’Orsay is another favorite where you can see the Impressionists all over the halls here.

Museums in New York

Any art museum list is incomplete without a mention of America. New York City alone is worth a visit for all those who love art. A visit to the Guggenheim and the world’s most seen spiral staircase is definitely on my list each time. The Museum of Modern Art, right in the heart of midtown Manhattan, always has something new and worthwhile. I like to cap my my visit with a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each offers something wonderful for anyone who wants to see the history of art.

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My Favorite Artists

I really love nearly all forms of art. While it’s hard for me to choose just a few artists, there are some people who stand out to me as being particular representative of the kid of art that I like to see. Such artists really bring out something that wasn’t there before. With their help, it easy to see the world in a different way. That’s really the point of art in my opinion: to bring new viewpoints to the world and help us all learn to see it better. What could be better than visiting with them?

Classical Artists

Some of my favorite artists are classical artists who were part of the Renaissance. I love this particular period of art. Nothing is better on the eye than a thrilling Michaelangelo painting. Other artists that come to mind when I think of paintings I love include the realism of Caravaggio as well as the understated yet marvelous tones of Raphael. One thinks of all the greatness that comes from a mind like Titian, Durer or Tintoretto. Each brought out something amazing to the canvas. Each one still speaks to us today with their paintings and other kinds of art work.

Modern Paintings

While I always turn to the classics, we can also find much to delight in when looking at more modern paintings. Works by Turner, Rembrandt and Vermeer are delightful. One of my favorite of all art movements is that of the Impressionists. They created colors in new ways. I look to artists such as Monet, Cezanne, Renoir all burst with color and life even so many years later. I have been lucky to see many such works today in Paris. Going to view yet another classic painting fills me with awe at the potential of the human spirit.

All About Sculpture

Sculpture is one of the oldest of all art forms. Artists have been using rock to carve pieces for many centuries. Today, this ancient art is still quite popular. Many sculptures today still work to help us all explore space and understand how metal and other materials can be full of life and movement even when still. An understanding of this kind of art is vital in order to fully understand the world of art. Those who study sculpture up close are often amazed at just how ordinary objects can be made new and turned into art with a few simple steps.

Classic Sculpture

Classic sculpture usually refers to sculpture that aims at representation in the artist’s chosen medium. For example, the classical artist will look at a marble block and then seek to create a bust or other life-like image in the marble. The aim with such sculpture is to capture in marble or other work the realities of the world in front of us. A classical sculpture may create an image of a young man. They may also choose to show two lovers intertwined in an embrace right in the marble. The artist aims for realism and movement.

Modern Sculpture

While classic sculpture tends to be focused on creating objects and people from the medium, modern art is often more concerned with evoking a feeling. Modern sculpture often centers around a concept such as love or harmony that the artist wants to bring out. Many kinds of modern pieces, such as the mobile, are also about movement and a sense of interaction. Viewers are often asked to be part of the action by siting on the piece or touching it directly. The aim to create a collective experience between the artist, the medium and the person viewing it.

Beginning a Collection

One of the most wonderful things about art is that anyone can collect it. Art collecting has been and remains a pastime that many people enjoy even today. As an art collector, I can certainly say that collecting art has brought enormous joy into my own life. I did not start out with a huge collection of art. Instead, I gradually realized just how much fun I could have collecting pieces. One of the things I’ve learned as part of my collecting has been this: anyone can collect art. Even if you have done so before or don’t have a large budget.

Figure Out Your Taste

The first step to building a collection is thinking about specific tastes. Some people love modern pieces that are all about movement and light. Others may prefer to stick with older pieces from established artists. Still others may like to have art from a specific period such as art deco or Greek and Roman art. In any case, a collection should think about what they personally like. One of the great joys of having a collection is having art on hand that inspires and makes people feel good looking at it. A careful consideration of their own perspective can help mold a collection properly.

Start Small

A collection does not have to be big to be a collection. Most people start with a few pieces. Consider buying smaller art objects such as miniature paintings or smaller works of sculpture. Not only are such works often just as beautiful as larger pieces, they are also often far less expensive. A few small pieces can form the basis of a collection and help keep the collector focused. One the base of the collection is formed, it is easy to add to it by buying more pieces

Understanding Color

Color is something that is fundamental to our understanding of art. Most artists use color in varied ways. In order to look at art property, it is necessary to look at it as something that uses color. Basic color theory is a must that all art fans need to know once they plan to study this subject. Color theory helps show why certain colors go together as well as how varied shades can form a coherent whole in the eye. Studying color theory also helps people understand how such art is perceived by the eye once people see a particular work of art.

The Fundamentals

All colors come from light. Light divides into multiple shades that can be seen by the eye. The absence of color makes black. When colors are blended together, the result is a color the eye sees as white. The rest of the colors in the spectrum can be divided into roughly eight shades. These are the classic shades of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Each color can be further subdivided by shades.Color shades are traditionally made by adding more black to a given base color to make it darker or by adding more white to make it lighter.

Mixing Color

Before paints were commercially produced, many artists relied on their own sense of color to create shades. This often resulted in intense color shades that we can still admire today. While commercially available paints are often used, it is useful to know how to mix paints even today. Any art lover should be aware of basics such as mixing blue and yellow makes green. Such knowledge can help them better understand how certain art effects have been created. This can also help them appreciate the art in front them even more.

My Art Education

My own art education began at a very young age. My late mom painted in her spare time. I remember her standing vividly in a pool of intense colors, each brighter than the next. She loved art and helped all of us who love follow along with her as she created a word of her own for us. When I got older, she began to teach me how to use paints. I quickly fell in love with painting. Watching her work was enchanting. My sister and were also encouraged to find canvases of our own to use and make our own paintings.

Taking Classes

While my life later me into other areas, I never forgot my early time with my mom. I choose to major in an unrelated field in college and graduate school but I would periodically take art classes as well. Each time I stepped back into a studio, I began to recall my mom’s work and how special it was. I learned some basic techniques of my own. I would stand in front of a blank canvas and realize that I had talent but not genius.

Learning By Watching

When not taking classes in making art, I took classes in learning how to see it. This is not as simple as it sounds. Seeing means seeing how the piece was created. It means learning to see the work with brush strokes that went into the piece as well as the overall effect. I also took classes in the history of art, allowing me to understand how art has changed over the years and why. I can now say confidently that I know enough about the creation and history of art to form my own personal opinions of each piece and to buy great art.

Who I am

My name is Roland Belmond.

I am someone who is deeply fascinated with art of all kinds. Art is not just something to look at. To me, art is all about passion and being part of a larger world of self-expression and beauty. I want to be all around me no matter where I go or what I’m doing at the time. While I love all kinds of art, I have a particular love of painting and sculpture. Painting and sculpture are where we all come back to when we want to see the world as it is and as it can be. This is why I collect art: to share in the beauty of the world and bring life to it.

My Own Wealth

I have been lucky in my life, especially in the last few years. Thanks to my hard work in the online gaming industry, I’ve earned a great deal of money. As a result, I’ve been able to pursue my passion for art directly. I own several kinds of art pieces that I really love. These pieces have enriched my life. They make me happy.. I have been heavily involved in work for major online gaming places including the Thai เวปคาสิโนออนไลน์ที่เล่นด้วยเงินจริงslot prince, slot tavern and gratis gokkasten. The online gaming industry is one of my passions. I assisted many online casinos with establishing a relationship with the popular payment method paypal for them to be able to start accepting paypal casino players.

Sharing My Thoughts

This is why I started this blog. I started it in order to share my passion for art and my love of all things art related. I hope that readers can come to this blog to learn about art. I also hope to share how anyone can learn about art in their spare time. We all benefit from having access to a new way to see the world around us. Come join me on my journey to this amazing and beautiful world of ours.